On January 9, 2015, the USCIS updated its list of terminated EB-5 Regional Centers. Regional centers can be terminated or revoked for a variety of reasons, such as failing to file an annual report (called the I-924A), failing to promote economic grown (which may be because the regional center is dormant is unable to fund projects as it desired), or other ineligibility reasons such as fraud, misapplication of law, or other violations. As an attorney licensed in the State of Florida, it is always interesting to see a Florida-based regional center on this list (including one which was highly promoted in the past).

More regional centers will undoubtedly be terminated in the future. Being able to anticipate which center may be in dire straits can be difficult to predict if the regional center is not required to make its annual I-924A filings public. With this in mind, I hope to have more information in the near future about all regional centers in order to provide better guidance to EB-5 investors who need to know more about a potential regional center. While investors should consult financial advisers, immigration attorneys need to also be part of the analysis to review an investor’s desired regional center for compliance with USCIS EB-5 rules and regulations.

Here’s the current list of terminated or revoked regional centers:

List of EB-5 Terminated Regional Centers

Invest US Regional Center9/29/2014Wyoming
Gateway Georgia Regional Center9/29/2014Georgia
South West Bio Fuel RC LLC9/29/2014Texas
South Florida EB-5 Regional Center8/15/2014Florida
Michigan Renaissance Regional Center8/15/2014Michigan
Kansas BioFuel Regional Center LLC8/15/2014Florida
Ecorntech Regional Center8/15/2014Wisconsin
Lake Buena Vista RC7/2/2014Florida
USA Now Regional Center3/28/2014Texas
North Carolina Center for Foreign Investments, LLC12/3/2013North Carolina
Mamtek Regional Center4/11/2012Missouri
El Monte Regional Center9/19/2011Kansas
Michigan Renaissance Regional Center8/15/2014Michigan
Victorville RC10/20/2010California
Intercontinental Regional Center Trust of Chicago3/23/2013Illinois
Unibex Global Corporation5/30/2008Texas